Monday, December 20, 2010


Thais Less Than Rosy Future

Indonesia has the SAD project. Under 16s spend the year in Uruguay competing against Uruguayan kids of the same age. This has been going for a couple of years now and Samsul Alam is set to move to Penarol on loan in the new year.

Malaysia has Harimau Muda. Dedicated teams, there is an A and B, where promising young players compete against the best teams Malaysia has to offer. Indeed some of these lads have also had a couple of stints in Slovakia this year, honing their skills against professional teams there.

Singapore have had the Young Lions for several years although there have been concerns that recently the talent had dried up but then when you go and suspend some of the best players it will look that way won't it.

What do the Thais have? Seemingly nothing beyond a 'mai pen rai' attitude and delusions that they are and will continue to be the South East Asian powerhouse.

Unless they take a leaf from their neighbours they may well find their dominance at national level is over, just at the time their league is powering ahead.

thy still got a style ... in my opinion :)
Thailand has TPL youth leage under-20 and school league already!

see link below

buriram pea v muangthong;topicseen#new

FA Youth cup U-19


bangkok glass v khonkean fc
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