Sunday, December 19, 2010


The Road To Benteng Stadium

Most supporters’ clubs around the world pre arrange transport to and from home games for their members and they often liaise with local police to ensure a trouble free day out. Fans know what time to be at the pick up point and roughly what time they will get home by.

It’s less formal in Indonesia. Groups of fans living in gangs and kampongs mob up then walk in the middle of the road stopping lorries to jump on the back. If the lorry ain’t keen they throw rocks at it. Police lined the route to the main road heading into Tangerang forcing all sorts of shit to be thrown off the back of the trucks!

One lorry carrying a large nimber of fans was stopped and they were made to get off but plenty others were allowed to carry on one part of the journey somebody came from the other side of the road and threw rocks at a lorry load of Persita fans. Gotta say that took balls. There was a large number on the back of that particular truck and for him to get back to the safety of his own little side street (gang) he would have had to dodge through a fair amount of traffic.

The things people do for their art!

Hi mate, I saw you on TV when Persita Vs Ps bengkulu. You wore an arsenal maroon jersey right? holding a mineral bottle, and a professional camera hanging on your neck.
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