Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Shahril bids farewell with goal


Muang Thong United v Al Kharamah 2-0 (Datsakorn Thonglao, Siaka Dagno) Muang Thong win 2-1 on agg
Al Qadsia v Thai Port 3-0 Thai Port lose 3-0 on agg


Tampines Rovers v Home United 0-3 (Joo Woo Keun, Shahril Ishak, Sufian Anwar)

Shahril packs his tooth brush and heads to Bandung today leaving his team top of the SLeague with three games to go. His next game should be for Persib next week away to Persela but who will he be coached by?

Home United FC30188454302462
Etoile FC29187446182861
Tampines Rovers FC30186659273260

welcome to ISL shahril ....
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