Wednesday, June 30, 2010


WANTED! New Stadium for Jakarta...

It's not easy trying to follow local football in Jakarta. The local authorities don't seem to give a toss whether there is a football team in the capital city or not though you can be sure that if Persija do actually win a trophy they will come crawling out of the woodwork for the photo ops.

Fans of Persija often find home games are played behind closed doors or moved to a different city altogether as local security officials decide they can't handle the crowds.

The lack of a decent stadium is also a bugbear. Bung Karno holds 88,000 and is right in the middle of the city along a main road that is home to many head offices and hotels. Lebak Bulus is in South Jakarta and is a purpose built football stadium but only holds 12,500.

Jakarta is crying out for a mid sized stadium, capable of holding 40 or 50,000 fans but despite their being plans for such a stadium in Sunter, home to some wonderful traffic jams, little seems to get done about it.

Oh yeah, the point of this thread. Persija are concerned their Q/F against Persik may be moved outside the capital, possibly to Solo, because of the local apathy.

Meanwhile Surabaya is building it's own Bung Tomo Stadium holding a similar amount. Bandung hopes, one day, to have a new stadium. Samarinda has one of the best in the country. Jakabaring, across the river from Palembang, has a 40,000 stadium. Soreang, an hour south of Bandung as a 35,000 stadium.

And Jakarta? Jakarta gets more shopping malls!

I heard that Jakarta proposed to build a new stadium called BMW Stadium but then again it's gone like the wind..Anyway, There is one new stadium in Kutai Kartanagara for Mitra Kukar Football Club, the Stadion name is Madya Tenggarong Seberang stadium..Its been finished..
the BMW stadium is just a fantasy, same like their MRT project.You know how it works in Jakarta, if its not money making, then good bye.

Pekanbaru Riau is even building a new stadium for the PON with 60,000 seats capacity.
bmw stadium is the one in sunter i believe

a couple of years back there was talk of expanding lebak bulus but talk is cheap

east kalimantan, soreang, jakabaring,pekanbaru...everywhere it seems but jakarta
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