Saturday, December 08, 2007


Manchester United chase petrodollar

Manchester United, in their quest for Champions League, Permier League and FA Cup glory will take themselves to Saudi Arabia to earn a few shekels as well as play Al Hilal on January 21. Two days after playing Reading which at least has the advantage of being close to Heathrow.

Fergie has often said players play too many games and has called for a winter break. Now you know why. It ain't nothing to do with resting the players. It's so the club can take their brand on the road and make money, money , money.

In football's greed there is no thought or interest in human rights and with a woman in Saudi Arabia sentenced to receive 200 lashes because she was gangraped United send out a clear signal. A la Bob Geldof at Live Aid, just give us your money.

The words obscene and hypocritical spring to mind.

In a day when multi nationals at least pay lip service to the notion of corporate social responsibilty United, and indeed football, carry on regardless.


Sorry, but I think your ideas are just plain stupid.

Do some research before you write anything.

Zidane is a friend of Sami Aljaber, and he has played with him before, this is like his retirement party.

Al-Hilal does not get money from petroleum, so don't be so god damn stupid. Its a soccer team for god's sake.

Putting politics and bias in everything now a days...sick stupid world
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