Saturday, December 08, 2007


Indonesia flop in SEA Games

I won't go into too much detail about this. Suffice to say having lost to hosts Thailand Indonesia are now looking for cheap flights back to Jakarta.

However for Ivan Kolev, Indonesia's Bulgarian born coach, to suggest the team lacked preparation, as he does here, is nonsense. What was that month in August then? A waste of money?

Kolev then goes on to blame the lack of forwards. Nothing that hasn't been mentioned before.

The problem in Indonesia regarding their football team is a familiar one to fans of the England team. Lots of hype and hot air but little to back the bluster.

Spending money sending the team overseas, last year Netherlands, this time Argentina has proved to be a monumental misuse of stretched resources and eminently futile. To prepare to play Myanmar they played Argentinian Under 20 teams???!!!

Where next for Kolev? As I intimated the other day it's interesting that it was Benny Dollo who was selected to prepare the Liga Select for the Dortmund game. Kolev's contract I believe ends after the SEA Games so he could well be looking for a new job.

But whoever takes on the poisoned barb will have the same problems. Stamina, strength, creativity, potency in front of goal. The same problems that I highlighted :

and here


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