Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Big Brother

Arsenal have introduced a grassing/dobbing scheme at the Emirates designed to take on anti social behaviour and to be honest it's scary.

Basically what you do is if you are sitting near someone and they start using foul language, racist abuse, smoking, people standing blocking your view, homophobic abuse or evidence of ticket touting you send a text message and the club will send someone to look into the matter. Prosecutions could follow.

What a bloody farce our game is becoming! All these newbie supporters have come to our game and having priced most of the original working class support out of the game now seek to sanitise the atmosphere so going to a football match becomes as exciting as a trip to the dentist.

The scope for mischief is plentiful. For example what if I don't like the guy in front's shirt, I text the number, say he's been calling people naughty, non pc names, and leave my seat number. Stewards come, I say yeah he's a twat and we have an almighty beano while the game is in progress, disturbing all and sundry just 'cos said geezer has a daft shirt on.

Why isn't it offensive to wear loud shirts? I find it offensive, surely I should be allowed to complain? And what about the idiot in seat 12, the one with buck teeth and bad breath? Can't I complain about him?

It could get personal, people get vengeful and it could end up in chaos with the majority having to suffer sanctimonius pink hatted do gooder twats trying to impose their values on our game.

Sod 'em. I hope the system gets abused to hell, the stewards get abused to hell and the network backlogged to hell.

If these people don't want any atmosphere at the game why the bloody hell don't they stay at home watching it on their bloody tv and allow real supporters the chance to see the game? Going to football isn't like going to an opera or a funeral you morons

Fuck these people, they are turning my country more and more into a nanny state...

Full story here

And don't get me going about Be a Gooner, Be a Giver...

so u think all that abuse at sol campbell, for example, has been par for the course? bonkers.

i'm glad things are (slowly) changing in that respect!

[u were lucky today btw... :/ ]
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