Tuesday, September 11, 2007


SLeague goal bonanza

Last night Geylang tonked Senggal 4-0 but of course SAF went one better whipping Young Lions 5-0 at Warriors Stadium with that man Duric netting another hat trick.

If you had a team on your doorstep who were top of the league, netted 74 goals in 25 games, had the leagues leading scorer who has 32 goals in the same 25 games and have been champions i5 times in the last 11 years and are in the Quarter Finals of the AFC Cup would you:

a) - just ignore them and carry on supporting Manchester United
b) - just ignore them and carry on supporting Liverpool
c) - just ignore them and carry on supporting Chelsea
d) - just ignore them and carry on supporting another foreign team
Daft question! European football is 'cewell', Asian football isn't!
Of course there are those who would suggest having three foreign teams plus a team that represents the police, Home United, the military, SAF and the national Under 23 squad makes for an ungainly, unrepresentative league. But mere name changes won't push SAF's attendances up over 3,000.
Singaporeans are experts at taking very little and making it profitable and vital. Can they do the same with their football?

Get behind the local clubs!!

If only they could see how their favorite foriegn clubs exploit everybit of money they earn in these rich foriegn countries, then maybe they would change their minds and go local.

The hard part is, many teams in Asia are formed on the back of companies, police forces etc, so nobody really has a club, but in Singapore there is Woodlands, Tampines, others, etc all area of Singapore. Throw in a few foriegn clubs for the Japanese, Koreans, etc and everyone has a club.

Throw in a Glasgow Rangers, a Newcastle United, into the local league, and maybe that would do the trick??
maybe the only way the sleague will get off the ground is by bringing in aged old buggers who played in england for one of the big 4...
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