Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Moving office

Not too long ago I moved office. Not very far, just from the first floor down to the ground. But in that short move everything has changed. The door is in a different place. The air conditioner doesn't have a remote control meaning I have to climb on a chair to turn it on and off. My desk top faces a wall, in my old office I could look out the window while I contemplated the absurdities of Indonesian football.

The chairs aren't as comfortable now though I'm assured they will be replaced soon. The ceiling lights are at funny angles. The neighbours are noisier. Between the office and the corridor is a waiting area but I can never find the light switch. The cleaners don't seem to have been told I have moved so I have a large pile of unread Jakarta Posts collecting dust in a corner.

Golly, I sound like a professional footballer...

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