Monday, September 24, 2007


English weekend

Them games can't come round quick eneough for Arsenal fans. Another impressive display Saturday slaughtered the Rams with Fabregas and Adebayor prominent. If the little Spaniard does nothing for the rest of the season he would still be a contender for players of the season. Adebayor made it 5 goals in 2 games with his forst hat trick and already he is showing the leadership qualities on the field that Henry never showed. His English spoken at speed in interviews is bloody well unintelligible though. But Derby at home to be honest isn't really a problem. Next week is West Ham away.

The game I was looking forward to yesterday was West Ham at Newcastle. and it was fun. West Ham featured a starting 11 reminiscent of another era with evey player, including Lucas Neill, a native English speaker. Bowyer continues to shine back under Curbishley while Mark Noble shows there are still some diamonds on clubs doorsteps to be found. Up front Dean Ashton put in a good performance and scored in the first half. Not so sure about the Barcodes. Viduka's first goal was escellent, quick cross, quick reactions.

If you don't want to struggle, don't wear white shirts! The bottom 4 all wear white: Derby, Bolton, Spurs and Fulham.

After saying nice things recently about Blackburn and Everton they both went and lost. I did however say that Blackburn are always up for it against big teams, against others they seem less motivated and yesterday they fell at home to Portsmouth. Likewise Liverpool. Consistency has been their problem over the last couple of years and they have no dropped 4 points out of the last 6 failing to score. Birmingham at home?

Wigan must have filled a tuk tuk with their away support on Saturday at Reading.

Cracking North East Derby between Middlesbro and Sunderland with a late goal from Miller earning the Mackems a point.

Oh yeah. Chelsea began the post Jose era losing 2-0 at Manchester United. They lie 6th, five points behind Arsenal who have played a game less and with a negative goal difference. Three games without a goal as well. The fabled strength in depth is being shown up as just that and even the owners' golden boy Shevchenko was taken off.

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