Monday, April 16, 2007


Alexander Pulalo

This 32 year old Arema star has been in the news recently. On recent away games he was on the receiving end of vicious racist abuse from sections of the home support and rather than sit back and take this shit he has gone public. Several supporters' group have taken up the anti racism banner and let's hope these arseholes realise what twats they sound and bugger off elsewhere. Not just football, society needs these morons like it needs a hole in the head.

So fair play to the Papuan born Alex and let's find out more about his career.

92-96 Semen Padang
97-99 Pelita Jaya
00-01 Makassar
2002 Semarang
2003 Jakarta
2004 Bandung
05- Arema Malang

This is a guy who has given a lot to Indonesian football, a damned sight more than the tossers on the terraces, don't give Alex!


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