Friday, September 29, 2006


Memories of Charlton

My first footballing exposure to South London's Addicks came at the humble Rec, home of Aldershot. The Shots beat them 3-0 and on the Monday after at school I was quite the hero. Everyone liked football but only I went to games.

During the skinhead revival a mock band called The Gonads glorified Charlton and in particular their mythical hooligan following Tucker's Ruckers. A song was released in their honour but still most people remained unaware of these 'legendary' heroes. One night I went to the Rainbow to see some punk festival featuring another Sarf Lahnden band, Splodgenessabounds. They dedicated one song to Tucker's Ruckers and off it went. Skins turned on punks and for seveal minutes a hooking and a whacking took the spotlight till security complete with vicious foaming mutts restored calm.

It was 10 years before I saw them again, that is Charlton. This was in the old Second Division at The Valley, once upon a time the largest ground in the country. The East Terrace was a massive expanse and though looking decrepit a minder of their halcyon days. For my visit the infamous Leeds United Service Crew were in town and they won 3-2 and pretty much took over the whole stadium. It was wierd hearing some struggling second division team sing "We are the Champions of Europe'! It's not as if they won anything.... That was to be my first and last time at the Valley.

In 1986 Charlton reached the first division via the newly introduced play offs, beating Leeds along the way. The Valley had been replaced by ground sharing with Crystal Palace and they hosted Arsenal in the November I think. It was Graham's first season and we were flying high. Martin Hayes scored a wonderful chip and I think Adams got the other. We won 2-0. We also played them in the League Cup at ours and we beat them before winning the trophy that season.

A couple of years later I went to Selhurst Park for the away game which we won 3-2. One time teenage wonderkid Steve MacKenzie scored for them. That year of ourrse we won the league with Mickey Thomas but then you know that don't you?

Today Charlton are back at the Valley and with Dowie replacing Curbishley are entering their own new era. And another funny thing. I've met more Charlton fans since I've been in Indonesia than I ever knew in England and that's not including Jakartass!

Say when!
Oh, and do tell me who the other Addicks are and if they don't know me, please send them my way.

And one more thing, be prepared to be inundated with c.200+ hits from my fellow Addicks.

one was mr kelt in surabaya. the other was in the pub one nite!

i look forward to welcomin the cyber addicks to my humble site...
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