Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Indonesian Cup

Today has Tangerang playing some team from Padang in the Indonesian Cup and while I wasn’t able to get there I feel what this site really needs is a round up of the Cup so far. So sit back and enjoy…

Surabaya v Mojokerto 2-1
Medan v Sriwijaya 3-1
Serang v Tangerang City 2-1
Persid (?) v Lamongan 0-1
Bandung v Semarang 0-0
Kediri v Pasuruan Town 3-0
Persipro (?) v Arema Malang 0-2

Coming soon lah…

Medan Victory v PSP (?)
Tangerang v PSKPS Padang
Palembang v Jakarta North
Kudus v Bantul
Solo v Sidoarjo

This is the first round, I have no idea whether teams like Jakarta, Makassar or Jayapura are involved or come in at a later stage or indeed how complete this is. Perhaps David can add his 1000 rupiah worth?

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